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Crop Consulting

What we do:

TeamAg’s on-staff Certified Crop Advisors prepare programs that are tailored to meet each individual’s needs, goals, and objectives. Our standard crop management program includes the services listed below.


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Detail of Services:

Scouting and Sampling

  • Field Scouting
  • Soil Sampling (Composite / Grid / Zone)



  • Annual Crop Management Consultations
  • Fertility and Pest Control Recommendations
  • Consultation by Appointment


  • GPS Field Mapping
  • Farm map updates


Precision Ag

  • GPS Sampling (Grid / Zone)
  • GPS Yield Mapping and Analysis
  • Prescription-Based Applications

Our Team:

Devin Gerlach, CCA

Crop Consultant

Devin joined TeamAg in 2004.  He earned a Bachelor of Science in Agroecosystems Science with a minor in Agronomy from Penn State University.   Devin is a Certified Crop Advisor and the manager of the TeamAg agronomy department.  In addition to providing agronomic consulting and precision ag services, Devin is a certified nutrient management specialist and odor management specialist.

Lew Frame, CCA


Lew joined TeamAg in 2019. He has a Bachelor of Science in Plant Science specializing in Agronomy from Penn State University. Prior to coming to TeamAg, Lew worked in ag retail specializing in custom application, chemical & seed sales. As an agronomist, Lew works with our producers to develop crop management plans, conduct sampling & scouting and make in-season recommendations to help enhance yield and economic performance. Lew is also certified and writes Manure & Nutrient Management Plans along with Ag Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plans. In addition to working for TeamAg, Lew and his wife Sarah operate his family’s farm where they raise row crops, hay and beef cattle in Chester County Pennsylvania.

Dave Swarr, CCA

Senior Agronomist

Dave Swarr is TeamAg’s senior agronomist and has been with the company since 2002.  Prior to working for TeamAg, Dave was employed by Brubaker Consulting Group and worked for several spray and fertilizer companies in the Lancaster area.

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