TeamAg Inc | Nutrient Management
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Nutrient Management

What we do:

TeamAg Inc. will develop, update and maintain Nutrient Management Plan that meet any state specific Regulations. As part of the planning process our staff will visit your farm to collect all the necessary information and perform any onsite assessment that may be needed in order to tailor the plan to your specific farm. We can also provide all soil and manure sampling services needed. Mapping for the plan will be completed using the latest GIS technology. Ongoing support for plan updates and record keeping are also available, and recommended.


Once the plan is developed and the landowner is in agreement with the contents of the plan, we will submit the Nutrient Management Plan to the county conservation district for approval. TeamAg Inc. will work with the county Conservation district to seek approval for the Nutrient Management Plan.


Ready to get started on a plan of your own?

Detail of Services:

Manure / Nutrient Management Planning

  • Act 38 Nutrient Management Plans
  • NRCS 590 Nutrient Management Plans
  • Manure Management Plans
  • Nutrient Balance Sheets for Imported Manure
  • Food Processing Residual (FPR) Planning

Ag E&S / Soil Conservation Planning

  • NRCS Soil Conservation Planning
  • Farm Preservation & Open Space Preservation Conservation Plans
  • Agricultural E&S Planning (DEP Ch102 compliance)
  • Clearing & Grubbing Plans
  • Pond Dredging & Fill Placement Plans

Odor Management Planning

  • Act 38 CAO and CAFOs in PA

Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMPS)

  • Engineering Manure & Waste Water Inventory & Evaluation (I&E) Reports
  • NRCS 590 Nutrient Management Plan
  • NRCS Soil Conservation Plan

Ag E&S / Soil CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) Permitting

  • General Permitting
  • Individual Permitting (special protection watersheds)
  • Municipal/Residual Waste Permitting (for methane digesters)

Record Keeping & Plan Implementation

  • BMP design
  • manure spreader calibrations
  • crop yield verifications
  • Record keeping templates

Advanced Record Keeping and Reporting

  • Act38/CAFO Compliant record keeping software
  • Microsoft Excel or AgLeader SMS software is required for advanced record keeping.

Prescription Mapping

  • Using your field data ( Yield, Soil Types, and Soil fertility from grid or zone sampling) to create management zones where a prescription is made for each field or variable rate application of nutrients or variable rate for seeding.

Township / Conservation District / Public Meetings

  • TeamAg Inc. will provide staff to attend meetings and represent the client, if requested.

Our Team:

Jedd Moncavage

Nutrient Management Manager


Chris Frame

Nutrient Services Coordinator


Todd Rush

Conservation Program Specialist


Nick Biondi

Nutrient Management Specialist

Amy Zerbe

Conservation Program Specialist

Latest Nutrient Management News:

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  • Chris Sigmund, President of TeamAg accepted an award from the Chester County Conservation District for Conservationist of the Year. We are appreciative and honored to have received this award....