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Our Team


Sonny joined TeamAg in 2021. He received a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Penn State University in 2019 and is working towards becoming a PA Licensed Professional Engineer.

Sonny Albright

Design Engineer
Nate Dewing

Nate joined TeamAg in 2021 after working for 20 years with the Bradford County Conservation District (PA). Nate lives in Bradford County with his wife Delphine and children where they do some farming and lots of adventure.

Nate Dewing

Conservation Program Specialist
2022 Peggy Portrait

Peggy is an experienced project manager with a strong focus on organizational vision, program management, and team leadership. She joined TeamAg in 2023.

Peggy Fogarty

Project Manager

Lew joined TeamAg in 2019 with a degree in plant science and Agronomy from Penn State. Lew develops crop plans and conducts sampling & scouting to enhance yield and economic performance.

Lewis Frame, CCA

Gary Gallup

Gary has spent nearly 20 years in conservation and engineering through eastern and central pa with NRCS. In his free time he enjoys playing music, fitness, being outdoors, and spending time with his dogs.

Gary Gallup

Engineering Technician

Devin joined TeamAg in 2004. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Agroecosystems Science with a minor in Agronomy from Penn State University. He is a Certified Crop Advisor and the manager of the TeamAg agronomy department.

Devin Gerlach, CCA

Crop Consultant

Jeff received a Bachelor’s degree in Structural Design and Construction Engineering from Penn State in 1992 and has 25 years of experience with timber, concrete and steel structures in agricultural, industrial, residential and government.

Jeff Giger


Mark joined TeamAg in 2020 after retiring from 37 years of service with USDA-NRCS. For the past 20 years he provided technical assistance to 22 Counties in Northeast PA as the Area Engineering Technician in the Bloomsburg Technical Office.

Mark Groshek

Engineering Technician

Corey joined TeamAg in 2010. Corey is a Pennsylvania Certified Nutrient Management Specialist, Odor Management Specialist, Conservation Planner and registered Technical Service Provider for USDA / NRCS.

Corey Grove

Conservation Program Specialist

Austin joined TeamAg in 2021. He is a 2021 graduate of Penn State University with a B.S. in Environmental Resource Management and minor in Watersheds and Water Resources.

Austin Hanssen

Conservation Program Specialist

Britton joined TeamAg in 2022. He has a B.S. in Turfgrass Science from Penn State University and an M.S. in Environmental Earth Systems Management from Millersville University.

Britton Hartzok

Conservation Program Specialist

Keith Joined TeamAg in 2008 with degrees in Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and a Masters in Environmental Engineering and was initially registered as a PE in 2014, holding licenses in PA, MD, and CT.

Keith Hodge, PE

Randy Updated

Randy joined TeamAg in 2002. He received a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and Appropriate Technology from Drexel University. Randy became a PA Professional Engineer in 1999 and is also licensed in MD, VA, DE, and WV.

Randy Hoover, PE

Senior Engineer

Bryson joined TeamAg in 2023. He received a B.S. in Community, Environment, and Development specializing in Forestry and Botany from Penn State University.

Bryson Hunter

Engineering Technician

Sue Ellen joined TeamAg in 2021. She received a BS in Animal Science with a focus on dairy from Iowa State, an MS in Agronomy with a focus on grazing and forages, and a PhD in Crop and Animal Sciences with a focus on agroecology from Michigan State University.

Sue Ellen Johnson, PhD

Regenerative Agroecologist

Adam joined TeamAg in 2007. He received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from SUNY at Buffalo. Adam became a professional engineer in 2015.

Adam Keller, PE


Maddie Klein graduated from Penn State in 2016 with a BS in Environmental Resource Management and a Minor in Watersheds and Water Resources. She is an Act 38 Nutrient Management Specialist.

Maddie Klein

Conservation Program Specialist

Derek graduated from Penn State in 2022 with a BS in Environmental Resource Management and minors in Environmental Soil Science and Watersheds and Water Resources. He is currently working towards earning his Act 38 Nutrient Management Certification.

Derek Metcalfe

Conservation Program Specialist

Jedd Moncavage is a 1999 graduate of Penn State University with a BS in Soil Science. He is a certified Act 38 nutrient and odor management specialist, conservation planner and TSP in multiple states and a nationally certified soil scientist.

Jedd Moncavage

Nutrient Management Manager

Mark began working with TeamAg in 2012. He has been a PA Licensed Professional Engineer in since 1990. Additionally, he is certified in Erosion and Sediment Control and is a certified professional in Storm Water Quality.

Mark Myers, PE

Project Engineer

Jess joined TeamAg in 2019 bringing over 10 years of experience in her field & is a certified notary. Jess was born, raised & resides in Lancaster County and enjoys spending as much time as she can outdoors.

Jess Noyes

AP/AR Manager & Billing Analyst

Christa joined TeamAg in 2022. Previously, she attended East Stroudsburg University and worked as director of advertising and marketing for several fortune 500 companies before moving back to Pennsylvania and starting a family.

Christa Rader

Administrative Assistant

Cameron joined TeamAg in 2012. He received a Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering with a minor in Environmental Engineering from Penn State University. Cameron became a PA Professional Engineer in 2017.

Cameron Renehan, PE


Liz joined TeamAg in 2023. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering with a concentration in Environmental Engineering from Temple University. Liz is working towards becoming a PA Licensed Engineer.

Liz Rivera

Eric Full

Eric Joined TeamAg in 2016 and holds degrees in Mechanical and Architectural Engineering from Penn State University. Eric utilizes his experience in sustainability to develop support for regenerative agriculture.

Eric Sauder

Regenerative Ag Manager

Chris has led TeamAg since the company was founded in 2002 and is active on an array of agriculture & conservation boards. He has a BS in Biology and an MS in Natural Resources Management from the University of Connecticut.

Chris Sigmund

Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 2.18.04 PM

Rob joined TeamAg in 2021. He received a degree in Agricultural Engineering from Penn State and became a Professional Engineer in 1994. He worked as District Engineer for Bradford County Conservation District for 33 years.

Rob Sweppenheiser, PE


Dave Swarr is TeamAg’s senior agronomist and has been with the company since 2002. Prior to working for TeamAg, Dave was employed by Brubaker Consulting Group and worked for several spray and fertilizer companies in the Lancaster area.

Dave Swarr, CCA

Crop Consultant

John has been with TeamAg since 2002. After receiving a BSCE from the Ohio State University, he later received degrees from Cornell University: Masters Agricultural Engineering and Masters in Regional Planning.

John Williamson

Business Development

Sarah joined TeamAg in 2021 to manage projects and programs, assist with business development, and coordinate with partners and clients. Sarah received a BS in Environmental Resource Management and an MS in Project Management from Penn State.

Sarah Xenophon, MPM

Project Manager

John is a retired Engineer with 35 years of experience with USDA-NRCS providing technical support for planning, design, and quality assurance. John is located in Northeastern Pennsylvania and serves clients in northern PA and lower NY.

John Zaginaylo, III, PE