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Regenerative Agroecologist – Agronomist

Summary: This non-exempt position will support farmers through the development and implementation of regenerative agriculture transition plans. 


Position Description:

TeamAg is building capacity on our regenerative agriculture team. Regenerative agricultural practices create profitable agroecosystems that are diverse, resilient, and productive. New opportunities are emerging that recognize the benefits of regeneratively managed crops, livestock, and animal products through market premiums and ecosystem services. As a result, farmers are approaching TeamAg with practical questions about how to make their operations more regenerative and access these new opportunities. 

The regenerative agroecologist will integrate his or her experience working with farmers through regenerative transitions to help them create and implement a regenerative plan for their farm through the following three roles:

Regenerative Visioning – Work with the farmer to articulate their motivation behind regenerative agriculture and discover alignment with opportunities available from brands and ecosystem service marketplaces. Develop a set of clear, attainable goals with the farmer forming the groundwork for a regenerative farm plan.

Plan Development – Benchmark the farm’s current soil, crop, animal, manure, and energy management. Create a holistic plan that identifies regenerative practices and management strategies that align with the farmer’s vision, improve the economic and environmental performance of the farm, and meet the requirements of the associated brand, ecosystem service marketplaces, and/or certification bodies. These may include but are not limited to: soil health practices like no-till, cover cropping, crop rotations, holistic planned grazing, stream buffers, agroforestry and perennial integration, and renewable energy systems.

Implementation – Connect the farmer with funding resources and knowledge partners to implement the plan. As practical management questions arise, provide the farmer with the solutions to address management challenges.



Education and Experience

    • Preferred undergraduate and graduate experience in agroecology and/or agronomy
    • 2+ years of field experience working in direct regenerative ag support farmer
    • Certified Crop Advisor or Certified Professional Agronomist certifications are advantageous but not required
    • Willingness to pursue additional certifications such as NRCS Soil Health Conservation Activity Practice technical service provider, Savory’s Holistic Management Accredited Professional certificate, etc as needed to work in this emerging field.


    • Passionate about working with farmers to improve their environmental and economic performance
    • Excellent problem-solving skills
    • Able to process complex farm management scenarios and create regenerative farm plans
    • Great teamwork skills and ability to integrate TeamAg’s crop science, nutrient management, and engineering resources to advance regenerative farm plans
    • Knowledgeable about partner and funding resources available to farmers 
    • Strong oral and written communicator
    • Comfort working in an entrepreneurial environment through the development of a new service within an established consulting firm
    • Must be located in central Pennsylvania with a valid driver’s license to conduct farm visits.
    • Must have the ability to lift 25 pounds.
    • The duties and responsibilities described are not a comprehensive list and additional tasks may be assigned to the employee from time to time.
    • This job description does not constitute a contract of employment.  TeamAg,Inc. may exercise its employment-at-will rights at any time.


Core Technical Competencies

Soil Health     

    • Ability to assess and benchmark soil health in the field, conduct in-field soil sampling and interpret analysis of lab test results
    • Soil structure, nutrients, Soil Organic Matter, carbon/nitrogen ratios, cation exchange capacity, base saturation rates
    • Soil biology
      • What is the microbial activity and mycorrhizal fungi development?
      • How can the farmer foster living communities in soil?
    • Given a field’s current soil conditions, knowledge to recommend a path to improved soil health
    • Management experience to guide farmers & troubleshoot through regenerative transitions

Management Systems

    • Familiarity with no-till / cover crop implementation & ability to design tailored cover crop blends to address field-level soil conditions
    • Practical management knowledge to support farmers transitioning off chemicals through pest management, weed control, etc
    • Familiarity with the impact of holistic management grazing systems on soils
    • Interest, if not experience, in permaculture and development of perennial cropping systems & agroforestry and their applications for an array of farm sizes and types

Regenerative / Organic Certifications

    • Functional understanding of organic & regenerative organic certifications, and the recordkeeping associated with each
    • Ability to fluently discuss with the farmer what changes would be needed to achieve certifications.


Competitive salary and benefits TeamAg is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Please send resumes to Eric Sauder at No phone calls, please.


TeamAg, Inc.

120 Lake Street

Ephrata, PA 17522