TeamAg Inc | David Kauffman Pennvest Bid
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David Kauffman Pennvest Bid

Project Details

Primary Contact

Sarah Xenophon, Project Manager

TeamAg Inc.


Scope of Work

Practice Implementation List:
Roofed Stacking Structure (PA-313)
Waste Storage Structure (PA-313)
Waste Storage Structure(PA-561)
Heavy Use Area Protection(PA-561)
Roof and Covers (PA-367)
Waste Transfer (PA-634)
Pumping Plant (PA-533)
Access Road(PA-560)
Trails and Walkways (PA-575)
Fence (PA-382)
Critical Area Planting (PA-342)
Roof Runoff Structure (PA-558)
Lined Waterway or Outlet (PA-468)
Structure for Water Control (PA-587)
Subsurface Drain (PA-606)
Underground Outlets (PA-620)
Obstruction Removal (PA-500)
Riparian Forest Buffer (PA-391)
Stream Crossing (PA-578)

All work to be done in accordance with the Pennsylvania Technical Guide (PATG) NRCS standards and construction specifications.

Site Photos

Construction Specs & Quantities

Bid & Contracting Requirements


Mandatory Pre-bid Site Showing: May 14th, 9am at 549 Beaver Dam Rd, PA 19344

Bids Due: May 29th, by 4:00pm 

Bid Opening Date/Time: May 31st, 10am – 120 Lake Street, Ephrata, PA 17901

Construction: expected to be completed by 9/25/25

Wage Requirements

This project requires the use of Prevailing Wages. Please find the prevailing wage determination for this project linked below.

Contracting Details

  1. Prior to signing contracts, successful contractors will be required to provide the following:
    1. Certificate of insurance based on the services or product provided
    2. Proof of registration with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
    3. Performance and Payment Bonds
  2. TeamAg, Inc. will manage the construction of this project and perform inspections during construction to ensure that construction is done in accordance with the drawings and specifications.
  3. Contractors are to provide invoices and Prevailing Wage certifications ( LLC-25) to TeamAg, Inc. on a monthly basis.
  4. Construction is expected to start within 90 days of the contract being awarded and is expected to be completed by 9/25/25.
  5. All subcontractors engaged by primary contractors must follow all the provisions of primary contractors.
  6. Upon completion of the contracted work, contractors shall sign a Certification of Performance that all work was performed according to the design drawings, specifications, and the Pennsylvania Technical Guide.