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Silvopasture installation at Fiddle Creek Dairy, Lancaster, PA

We’re with you for every step

On Call

Knowledge support

When you begin to implement your Regenerative Farm Plan, our consultants are available for every step of the journey. We will provide analysis through FarmOS management tools and are available for phone calls or field visits to work through any questions or challenges you experience.


Transition capital

The Regenerative Farm Plan itself is a tool that can be used to access funding for implementing elements of the plan. We are also exploring partnerships (see “radical capital: below) where all financial risk is removed for farmers committing to regenerative practices.


New revenue

New revenue opportunities result from diversified crops, ecosystem services, and the possibility for premium market prices for regeneratively grown crops. We will help you navigate these opportunities and identify the best options for your operation.

Perennial Fund Logo

What is Radical Capital?

TeamAg is developing a partnership with the Perennial Fund. It is designed to help farmers with funding through the critical first years of transition to regenerative practices, where many farmers experience a loss in profits. The 10-year loan term is paid back as a profit share. If the farmer is not able to repay the loan after 10-years, the debt is canceled. We believe this is a commitment that matches the risk that farmers take every day to grow our food. If you’re committed to transition to regenerative, we’re with you.

Interested to begin the regenerative farm plan process?

We can help you find funding to get started.