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Free Individualized Technical Guidance for Producers and Processors Who Want to Become Organic


Understand Organic Production Principles

Gain the knowledge to grow your crops in accordance with organic guidelines.


Evaluate Market & Transition Financials

Explore whether demand exists for your organic products and analyze cost and return of an organic transition.


Develop Organic Transition Plan

Develop a comprehensive plan for transitioning to organic production practice, and receive support to prepare and apply for your third-party independent organic certification.


Support Through Transition Period

Recieve feedback for your ideas and questions as your operation evolves through the transition to organic.

Meat Processors

  • Baseline Financial Health Assessment of Existing Business
  • Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) Analysis
  • Existing Throughput Assessment
  • Financial Model of the Impact of Transition
  • High-Level Market Assessment/Customer Analysis
  • Transition Feasibility & Action Plan Report
  • Certification Assistance

  • Understand the Basic Principles of Organic Production
  • Evaluate your Market
  • Support Organic Certification
  • High-Level Budgeting/Cost Analysis of Transitioning to Organic Methods
  • Develop your Organic Farm System Plan
  • Organic Application Assistance
  • Ongoing Support Through the Three-Year Transition Period

Crop Producers

Organic Transition in the News:


Want to learn more?


If you have questions, or are interested to consider a potential transition to organic, we’d love to talk!


Feel free to call the TeamAg office or fill out the contact form below:


TeamAg, Inc.

120 Lake Street

Ephrata, PA 17520


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