TeamAg Inc | Sadsbury Farm Case Study
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Sadsbury Farm Case Study

Sadsbury Twp Agricultural Conservation



TeamAg identified conservation measures on a 90 acre dairy farm in Sadsbury Township through our agricultural planning and permitting services.  The site is located along Valley Run, which discharges to the East Branch Octoraro Creek and is classified as a Trout Stocked Fishery, Migratory Fishes (TSF, MF).


Existing Conditions:

The farm headquarters are located close to Valley Run, creating several an array of resource concerns. The crumbling concrete barnyard is not curbed, allowing manure to wash directly into the stream. The existing concrete block storage only gives the farmer about one week of storage, requiring frequent manure hauling regardless of weather conditions. Additionally, animals have access to the majority of the stream.


Proposed Work:

The project involved a complex site due to floodplain, wetlands, and the necessary permits to install facilities in these areas. The proposed project included the construction of a new manure composting facility and related conservation BMPs. The existing cinder block manure storage was decommissioned, and a new concrete slatted storage was installed in a new concrete heavy use area to contain manure in the barnyard area. A 2-inch water line and an 8-inch manure transfer line were installed under Valley Run; and a new 57-foot diameter remote circular manure storage facility was constructed in cropfield to increase the storage duration. installation of a stabilized gravel animal walkway; installation of two (2) slatted stream crossings; related conservation BMPs and a 35 ft. CREP buffer. In conjunction with the CREP buffer, two frost-proof watering facilities will be installed,



Client: PennVest

Location: Sadsbury Twp., Lancaster Co

NRCS Practices Installed: PA-313, PA 317, PA-367, PA-382, PA-391, PA-500, PA-516, PA-533, PA-558, PA-560, PA-561, PA-578, PA-587, PA-606, PA-614, PA-620, PA-634

Date of Completion: 2016