Eric Sauder, Author at TeamAg Inc
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Author: Eric Sauder

ELIZABETH DEORNELLAS FOR LNP | LANCASTERONLINE   Feb 6, 2023   Agricultural experts and environmentalists urge Lancaster County farmers to take advantage of millions in grants to reduce winter manure spreading and phase out a practice that is economically unproductive and environmentally risky. Improperly managed winter manure spreading increases...

Reposted from Lancaster Farming - Apr 13, 2023  Philip Gruber,     KUTZTOWN, Pa. — Gov. Josh Shapiro wants Pennsylvania to be the nation’s leader in organic farming. That would mean tripling the state’s organic sales to keep pace with much bigger California. Still, according to Ag Secretary Russell...

As a result of the pandemic, the 2021 PA Farm Show was held virtually. Farmers rallied to provide educational content so that families across the state could still connect with the people producing their food and fiber. TeamAg was present this year to introduce our work to help farmers build soil, improve profits, and reverse climate change through regenerative farming. Special thanks to USDA NRCS and the PA Department of Agriculture for funding the pilot projects we discuss in this talk.

TeamAg collaborated with the Environmental Defense Fund and K-Coe Isom to develop a report, entitled How conservation makes dairy farm more resilient, especially in a lean agricultural economy, which documents how successful implementation of conservation can help farmers improve both the economic and environmental performance of their farms.